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Beware of People who Call Themselves Christian Witches

I ran across a frightening commentary today. Geoffrey Grider commented on an article posted by Pulpet and Pen. It talked about the first Christian witches annual convension to be held in Salem, Mass. this April. The article discussed the idea that Jesus used magic when he walked on earth. It called the miracles he performed magic. That goes against everything the Bible says. If it were magic, others would have been able to perform it as well. Yes, He gave His disciples the power to heal for a period of time, but as the disciples died, so did that ability to heal.

Rev. Valerie Love and Prophet Calvin Witcher will head up this so called convention. They both believe people can practice Christian witchcraft today. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even worse it can be dangerous. Yes, there may be something that looks like magic, but don’t be fooled.

Demons are still on earth today, and they would love to practice some magic of their own. Believe me, as a Christian counselor I have been exposed to demons. It’s not something I would want to do again. Take my word for it. It’s frightening. Rev. Valerie Love and Prophet Calvin Witcher are treading on dangerous ground. God has the power to control demons, but He also has the power to use them to teach humans to swallow their pride.

Jesus was able to do miracles on earth because He is God’s son, not because He wanted to show off. He defied Satan on the highest mountain peak for thirty days without food. The angels came to minister to Him. Angels still minister to God’s children, but saying a person can practice Christian magic sounds nothing but prideful to me. Make no mistake, pride doesn’t make God happy. My suggestion to you – stay away from witches, Christian or otherwise.