Five Ways to Keep Family Peace During the Holidays

Family in Confloct

Let’s face it, the holidays bring relatives to the table, along with all their opinions and other baggage. No matter how delicious the meal, togetherness often brings a cornucopia of disagreements. Here are five suggestions to keep peace in the family. I recognize that some families can’t work together at all due to some members who have major issues. This blog may help keep the peace, but it is less likely to work with  families that are totally out of control. I know, because I experienced that in my own childhood.

  1. Before the guests arrive, make a list of safe topics to discuss. Don’t tell the guests. Be ready to change the subject if the conversation begins to get out of hand.
  2. Try to seat those who might disagree on certain subjects at opposite ends of the table.
  3. Unless everyone basically agrees on political issues, set a no politics rule. Even if they agree on most issues, a disagreement can still occur. Be ready to change the subject, if necessary.
  4. If sparks start to fly, use this sentence to cool the emotions. “When you _______, I feel ____, because _________. After you say that, be quiet.
  5. If things still start to get out of hand, say something along this line, “I don’t completely agree, but I can see your point. Then you go to the kitchen and sweeten everyone’s disposition with dessert.
  6. I would love for you to share your ideas to help readers keep family peace during the holidays.