Thank you for visiting. This site focuses on prevention and healing of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, plus ritual abuse and trafficking. Child abuse is not only society’s problem or the government’s problem. It is your problem and my problem.

There is no way to put a price on how much abuse costs the abused child, but according to Child Help (Childhelp.org), the cost to the American taxpayer in 2008 was 124 billion dollars. Did that get your attention? I hate to narrow it down to dollars and cents, but Americans understand the issues when they see the cost. Am I preaching to the choir? I probably am, because if you didn’t care about abused children, you would be surfing another website.

Thank you for caring. I hope we can partner together to help readers. If you are a survivor, you can tell your story here. You are not alone. If you work with abused children or adults abused as children, we want to bless you. If you have found techniques that help survivors, please pass them along and I will pass along things I have learned in my counselor’s chair. I want this blog to touch and help heal aching hearts.

In addition to abuse issues, I will discuss other life-controlling problems, because many life-controlling problems start with abuse.

We live in a time in which families are struggling to survive in many ways:
Divorce ravages families.
Addiction steals lives.
Babies become mothers too soon.
Homelessness brings fear, shame, and hunger.
Pornography invades living rooms.
Crime destroys everything in it’s path.

This blog gives a Christian perspective to the difficulties that face families and churches. The posts share general suggestions that may not apply to every person. They are not counseling and are not intended to take the place of counseling or medication. Some of the posts shed light on various life issues and some focus on divorce and grief. Others discuss addiction and principles that may help in prevention and healing. I hope this blog will be a ray of sunshine to the helpers, the hopeless, and the confused.

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