Danger, Teen Girls with No Boundaries

Teen girls don’t realize they put themselves in danger by their drinking and wild dancing. They show little respect for their own bodies. I don’t know what they do in their home town, but the actions I saw recently caused me great concern. My adult daughter and I cruised together to three ports. Several groups of teens on senior trips shared our ship, along with their chaperones. The ship first stopped at Cozamel, Mexico. My daughter and I ate lunch at a restaurant with a bar. Three teen girls, who were dressed in bikinis that barely covered the essentials, danced on a platform sipping from one of those long-stemmed drink glasses. The boys, of course, were egging them on. The mother of another girl kept insisting that her daughter join them. The girl wisely said no. When the time came to get on the ship, the line extended all the way back to town. The crew handed out water and cold wrags to keep the passengers from fainting in the heat. The ship was late leaving port. What caused the delay? Gathering up the high school students who were passing out from all the drinking.

Fun in the Sun
Fun in the Sun

At the next stop, we sat on a blanket by a beach bar. The DJ asked if anyone would like to win a T-shirt. He wanted four girls to come to the dance area. He said, “You need to shake your butt for thirty seconds to this music.” They did. The winner had on a thong. This concerns me for another reason. If the girls will show their bodies for the chance of winning a cheap T-shirt, what will they do next for money? Please don’t think I am saying it is ever a girl’s fault if she is raped. It never is. Yet, someone needs to tell girls how to protect themselves.

Los Cabos 2013 184You may think it is none of my business what these teens did on their senior trip. In a sense, you are right. It is not my business, but someone needs to tell these girls they are putting themselves in danger of being raped by parading their bodies in such a way. The culture isn’t telling them. Parents, please help your daughters develop boundaries and a healthy respect for their bodies.

boundaries, danger, drinking, parents, rape, teens

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