A Touch of Encouragement

If you could only forget the abuse, then life would be so easy. It seems to be there haunting you every day, reminding you of those awful feelings of fear, betrayal, worthlessness, and shame. What if you could forget? I mean completely and totally never have to think about it again. How would that change your life? Would everything be OK? Could you feel loved and cherished by those who really do love and cherish you? I wish I could wave a magic wand and every reader would be completely healed of the emotional pain caused by the abuse. It is not that easy. Forgetting does not make the hurt go away, but it is possible to heal. It is hard work, but it is possible to heal from even the most horrible abuse. I just want to give you hope that I have seen healing for other survivors and I believe healing can happen to you, so don’t give up hope.

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