When God’s People…

When God’s people pray and act, great things happen. They were ministering big-time today in the Mid-South. Bellevue Baptist, Central Church, and many others took to the streets to clean-up, paint, share, and love on people in lots of ways. Yes, Jesus Loves Memphis. He also loves areas outside of Memphis, such as Henning, Tennessee. If you read my earlier blog, you know a little about the boyhood home of Alex Haley.

In the middle of Henning sits a large, old church that hosts a motley crew of Christians on the fourth Saturday of every month. These people come from near and far to make a difference in the lives of Henning residents. They hand out grocery bags and clothes. They also hand out love. No one wonders if it is sincere. It is sincere. DSCN1493 Reverend Morris Taylor calls it “Azusa Fresh Oil Ministry.” These Christians are the real deal, not hypocrisy. They bless me every time I am with them.


Just like last month, I trained a group of pastors and other ministry leaders to do Growing Seasons groups. http://store.livingfree.org/Growing-Seasons-Coordinators-Guide_p_162.html. Growing Seasons helps children who live in single-parent families to work through their emotions and know that God is always their Father. He will never abandon them. We also talked about Empowering Kids for Life groups to help children ages eight through eleven prevent life-controlling problems, such as addictions and dependencies. It teaches Lordship principles. http://livingfree.3dcartstores.com/Insight–Empowering-Kids-for-Life-Leader-book-and-CD-with-teacher-tools_p_160.html Several want to start these groups at their churches. They also showed an interest in the Living Free adult curricula.



My friend, John, amused the children with a puppet show. I loved watching them laugh as the dog puppet kept calling Lazarus, Lasagna. He keeps the children interested by having the puppets make funny mistakes as he tells Bible stories.

When God’s people work together and pray together, the world is a better place.

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