How I Teach My Children to Honor Their Abusive Parent

A Cry For Justice

I have never found that obedience to God looks the same for each person. How we love others and love God varies . . . because we vary. I cannot even love my children exactly the same. Some of them have bigger love cups than the others do. For a few of them, character development is the focus. The other few just need to feel loved and not be so hard on themselves. Each day presents me with different scenarios in which I must bolster up my prayer life in order to love effectively and proactively. Obedience to the commandment to “honor thy father and mother” gets even more inventive for those of us parenting separate from the other biological parent.

I have heard it said that the Ten Commandments can be funneled into two areas: our relationship toward God and our relationship toward each other. That is why Jesus…

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