Unexpected Abundance

When God blesses us, He does it with unexpected abundance. Let me tell you how He blessed a ministry to under-privileged children. I planned to start a Growing Seasons group in Christian outreach centers in the city. Growing Seasons gives children in single-parent families a safe place to talk about their feelings and learn God loves them. The curriculum has three age groups. We provide stuffed animals for children in the first through third age group on the week we discuss sadness. The children pretend their pet is lost and talk about how it feels to lose something or someone they love.

Not even thinking about Growing Seasons, I stopped at a garage sale in my neighborhood. There was a box of like new stuffed animals priced at fifty cents each, so I bought enough for the group. I told the woman who took my money the reason I bought the toys. She said she would probably do the same thing with the items left after the sale, and she might have more stuffed animals in the attic. Although she lives several blocks away, she knew where I live because she met my husband once while on a walk.

When I got home I started thinking, I could give these toys to the children in the first through third age group. Then I remembered, I can’t do that because the children in the other groups would be jealous. I wished I had bought more stuffed animals. Even then, the other children in the center would be jealous. We were there to help, not cause problems, so I dropped those thoughts.

The next day I came home and noticed two huge yard trash bags in my foyer. The woman from the garage sale brought more than enough stuffed animals for every child in the center!  We had so much fun sharing toys with about forty children. God abundantly blessed our ministry so we could bless the children. If He can do that, He can also help us build positive Christian principles into the lives of these children. Thank You, Lord.

I would love to hear your stories about how God blessed you or your ministry.


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